The Path We Prior Trod

It seems so long ago
The night sky glowed above on cloudless nights
Absorbed with fascination by wide and hopeful eyes
Each and every star filled
With purpose
With wonder
A line in a story which unfolded
Time and time again
Renewed once more at the setting of the sun

But it would seem
The sky is growing ever dimmer
Eclipsed by the artificial constructs that surround us
Illuminating and revealing the world in which we walk now
But in doing so
Casting the path we prior trod
Into mounting darkness

8 thoughts on “The Path We Prior Trod

    1. This has brought a smile to my face. 🙂 Thank you, Liefladee. I am so glad that you enjoy writing, and that you find it stimulating. I am always so grateful when the words I write elicit positive emotions in others… I write for myself, to express my thoughts, but it always adds a layer of value when they extend beyond my own thoughts and are given life by another.


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