A Reflection on the Passage of Time

I find myself in awe
At the relentless procession of days and months
How even the seconds and minutes
Which seem at times too minuscule
And like sand between fingers slip from perception
Pile up one after another
Before we have even realized it
Half of our lives have fallen behind us
And we are left walking a path
We do not remember with any degree of clarity
And whose destination
Is just as uncertain

How within reach each moment that we hold dear appears
As we wrestle with the notion that they are forever lost
That in practical terms
The distance between now and the scenes which unfold in those fond memories
Is a chasm infinitely greater than that which divides us from our final demise

What we would not give
To turn back and relive
Just one of any number of days, minutes, hours
To choose again knowing what we know now
And save ourselves from the consequences of our actions made absent the clarity of hindsight

But surely we must know
That once a story has been told
It takes on a life of its own
And rarely submits to its maker
Despite the strongest and most noble intentions
Progressing and evolving with the same tenacity
Such that all who partake of the legends and lessons contained
Are captured and consumed just the same
Products and producers both in the end
Should any such word have meaning here

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