In the Heat of the Fire’s Glow

In the heat of the fire’s glow
We watch the day’s light come and then go
The seconds turn to minutes turn to hours then they’re gone
The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting long
Evening turns to gloaming turns to darkness turns to dawn

Amidst the calm of the falling snow
The flakes fall fast but then they melt so slow
There’s no moment like the present but the present passes fast
Try as we might to save it before we know the moment’s passed
What matters drives us forward but the momentum doesn’t last

In the light of early morning
Sleep departs from us with little warning
We face the day with our faces turned into the light
Existing somewhere undefined where black meets white
Trying only to understand what is wrong and what is right

Under the shroud of dusk’s descent
Our bodies rest from time well-spent
We rest our heads at last on pillows soft to sleep
Our memories and secrets ours to share or keep
Drifting soon to distant worlds dark and deep

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