The Value of Contrast

How I have missed
The rushing wind
The fluid motion
And the ground passing quickly beneath my feet

It would seem I had forgotten
The importance of moving forward
Of unallocated time
Surrender to chance and momentary escape
From the stagnant monotony of a rushed life

I must find balance though
As time is precious
And obligations must be observed
For to see with narrow vision
Even that which is of great beauty and worth
Is to ignore the value of contrast

How strange
This life we lead
Where we learn so much but often fail so to apply the lessons
Grasping it seems
At concepts simple
Until we approach them ourselves and come to realize
That there are always facets elusive our awareness

We can only hope
That with time and a patient heart
We can understand
Even in the smallest way
How to make the most of what we have
How to find satisfaction in imperfection
And even rejoice in failure
That no action is without consequences
And that mistakes made
Are opportunities still
To overcome and grow in our resolve
To see the flaws inherent in our design
And adapt thusly

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