Come What May, There Will be Another Day

There are days
Where life seems to hide around every corner like a menace
Waiting to strike when the time is right

Waking up to darkness and frosted windows
The day begins far too soon
And by the time we at last return home
The sun has set and the cold has crept once more through the thin glass of the window panes

But each day is made anew
The sun rises and shines down on the Earth
Whether we see it or not
And each day is a good day
Where I can lay at last by your side
Where we can share the warmth of our uncovered skin
Buried beneath the blankets
The world outside so far away
And the troubles of tomorrow distant

How I wish that every moment were bright and filled with nothing but love and hope
How I wish I could erase
All of the pain and stress and ambiguity
And replace it with joy and peace and a clear vision for what is to come

Our time is so short
Each minute, a step towards oblivion
All I truly desire
Is to make the most of the time we are given
To live and love
To know and better understand you
To seek truth and learn from mistakes

I know that sometimes the future appears bleak
But it does not have to be so
There is so much still to learn
To share
The world is wide and waiting

Come what may
There will be another day

5 thoughts on “Come What May, There Will be Another Day

    1. Yes, it certainly should. It isn’t always easy… The trouble is, losing hope is a downward spiral. The redemption is that hope never really dies. It is persistent and remains, even in the smallest amount, regardless the circumstances, just waiting to be called back.

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