Note: This piece was written in collaboration with Blackbird, of the blog Wandering Thoughts.


What makes a house a home?
Surely it’s not a manicured front lawn
Or a grand foyer with antique lighting
Maybe it could be, but not without
Paint chipping off the front porch
The marks on the walls and floors
Worn by furniture well used.

Without the pen lines on the wall
Where your parents marked your
And your brother’s heights each year
And without the paint chips that
You never get around to fixing
This is merely a house
Void of a beating heart

The warmth afforded by a fire
Does not come from the careful arrangement of logs
It is not a product exclusive to the finest marble fireplaces
And the presence of sparks and dried wood does not necessitate heat

There are some facets of life
That cannot be manufactured
Cannot be wrapped up neat and tidy in a brightly colored package
And will never be contained or easily reproduced

I do not know what makes a home
For home can mean many things to many different people
Home is where our lives unfold
Where we are able to let down our defenses
Knowing we are safe and secure

Sometimes what we know as home
Is not what it seems
And sometimes we find our homes
In places we never would have expected

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