Me Too

“Me too”
What a ruse
These girls are just confused
Smoke bombs with a short fuse
And we are not amused
Always one step ahead with a new excuse
The way she was dressed she was asking to be abused
Either that or she was just loose
Either way it’s nothing to lend credence to
Just fake news
Move it over to page two

But wait
Sweetie, what do you mean you were assaulted too
That can’t be true
I kept a watchful eye on you
How come I never knew?
What am I supposed to do…

It should never come to this
It shouldn’t take a movement for men to admit
That a problem exists
That women are more than just an ass and tits
It shouldn’t have to come from our wives and kids
For us to give a shit…

Men everywhere
We need to learn to listen
We need to try our best to understand
That we may never understand
Because for too long
We have stood to the side
Or looked away
And the cycle has continued
And over
And over…

It needs to end
And it cannot end
Until we admit that it is still happening.

8 thoughts on “Me Too

    1. Although I am definitely aware that there are those who lay false claims for selfish reasons, I also know that there are undoubtedly a large number of women who have and continue to experience sexual assault and violence; I personally know quite a few. I feel that everyone deserves a chance to be heard and that we need to seek to work to make the world a safe place for everyone.


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