Our Pain Does Not Define Us

With damage done by those we love
The wounds can often feel
Like they encompass all we are
Like nothing else is real

As time goes by we often try
To make like we are healed
But memories bring clarity
And hidden pain can be revealed

But know with patience, time, and hope
Deep wounds can turn to scars
And though they never go away
We know that they are ours

For in this life so hard at times
To own is to be free
And though our past can seem a trap
It does not have to be

Who we are and what we have felt
Always will remind us
Our pain is part of who we are
But it does not define us

7 thoughts on “Our Pain Does Not Define Us

    1. This is so true, Adnama. Sometimes, we just need to persevere, to continue despite odds. We can be as the phoenix and rise from the ashes… We can overcome the distance, we just cannot give up.


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