Into that Dark, Dark Light

I have been drawn
Into that dark, dark light
Too many times
Too soon

I must remember
The warmth of the summer sun
How it falls so effortlessly
On my grateful skin

I must remember
How very small I really am
And how little I have seen
Of what remains in store

When at last I am called
Into that dark, dark light
It will be a fluid motion
As the setting of the sun at the end of a full day

For there is a time for all things
I have watched dreams spring to life in the most hopeless conditions
Just the same as I have watched them wither and die despite best intentions and honest effort
All to be swallowed in the end by the unstoppable procession of time

Each and every night the sky is filled
With a billion shining stars
So many not but ghosts long departed
And so many distant bursts yet to reach our eager eyes

So I will remain
In the light of day
Until at last
My time comes
To fade
Into that dark, dark light

13 thoughts on “Into that Dark, Dark Light

    1. I will. It is hard sometimes, but it is so much easier with people who care, and I am fortunate to have so many of those. I still have much to do, and so many people who I would miss and who rely on me. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Adnama. I have been struggling a bit lately, and am not always good at communicating it. Writing like this may not always seem healthy, but it really is nice to get some of my thoughts and feelings out, it helps with processing. 🙂


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