The Passage of Time

Oh, how relentless, the passage of time
As leaves once green with the warmth of the summer sun now fade and fall
And a chill pervades the air we draw from the dim stillness

How I remember the days we first shared
The crisp crackle of frozen snow beneath our feet
And the howling of the winds
Mirroring as it were
The tundra that lay within our hearts

Then how the seasons changed
And with time
The ice gave way to streams and then to falling rain
Which nourished the soil to produce grass and green and life once more
Soon to flourish in the heat and sun of the summer months
Just as our love would spring from the fertile earth of the time we spent
Sharing our thoughts and dreams
Beneath the same bright sun

Now as we move once more
To the depth of winter
May our hearts remain lit
May we remember
That we have weathered storms of hail and sleet
Just the same as warm rain and bright lightning

May we hold close what we have gained
And mourn not what is no longer
For there will always be days of cold and darkness
Just as there will always be redemption in the return of the warmer months

My love for you will not fade as the falling leaves
It will not grow dim with the shortening of the days
I will not grow cold, though the air and earth beneath our feet may freeze
Time may pass
But my love for you will remain

7 thoughts on “The Passage of Time

    1. This is so very true. Change is inevitable, and sometimes it is change that we desire and sometimes it is not. But we cannot avoid it. And in the end, we need it… We cannot remain stagnant. I just hope that you experience more joy than pain, or that at the very least they balance out.


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