You Will Shine

Even the most simple stone
At first glance
Of little value and without distinction
Carries with it a history
Rich and intricate
Told in striations and composition
Layers upon layers
Each one unique
And filled with memories
Pain and sorrow
Joy and celebration
Captured and displayed without restraint
But so easily overlooked
At times ignored entirely
In favor of objects more pleasing to the eye
Or cast without regard
Into the shadow-filled depths of the uncaring sea
To be swept away
Dashed upon banks and beaches filled
With so many millions of others
Tossed about by forces beyond their control
Until at last
The tides and constant collisions
Have worn away the rough edges
Slowly smoothing out the surface layers
Polishing to a fine sheen
And in doing so
Revealing a beauty that was prior unrealized
To shine like a gem
Upon sun-strewn shores

You are as a stone
Caught as it were
In the throes of a turbulent world

You may feel
As though there is no hope
As if you can go no further
For what have you to gain?
What have you to show?

But you must hold on
For you are filled
With a beauty beyond compare
And in time
These trials will expose in you
The life and energy that has been dormant all these years

When you have been freed at last
The tumult and the fray
Your journey will be complete
You will find your place under the brilliant glow
And you will shine

12 thoughts on “You Will Shine

    1. There is always hope, there are always new days ahead that will bring their share of challenges as well as rewards in overcoming them. Thank you very much for reading and contributing your thoughts. 🙂

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