But a Brief Transition

The rain
Though it falls as one
Cascading down in sheets now
To fall upon the dry earth
Is but a collective of many
Each drop
Unique unto itself
Composed as it is
Of individual particles just the same
Gathered and unified
Taking form
And shape
As a single distinct entity
For only the briefest period of time
Before quickly descending and collecting with others
Becoming as such
Part of something more
Embraced by the waves that wash over the land and everything in their path
Joining soon with an even greater mass
To be even further transformed and enriched

And I cannot help but wonder
If we are any different
These lives we lead
Not but a brief transition
Beautiful and precious in the unique perspective offered
But at the same time wildly misleading
As to the true nature of our being

Will our inevitable departure
From these familiar forms
Prove an arrival just the same?

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