The voice still echoes
A constant reminder
Saying over and over
“You are never going to be enough”
That the cycle cannot and will never end
Failure then hope then failure
Coalescing every time in disappointment

It would be so easy
To listen
To believe
To give in and give up
Letting go
Falling away
From all of the things that bring sadness
That make us to feel useless and meaningless

But in losing them
Would we not lose everything else as well?

For there are certainly times
When the sun shines through the clouds
And the fresh dew on the blades of grass shimmer in the light

There are mornings when the air is fresh and full of life
When the opportunities yet to come await us and the challenges are but space between
When we are glad to be alive

It is so easy to forget
Or to overlook
The joys of life
And sometimes it is true that they are minuscule in the shadow of all that threatens us
But they are there nonetheless
Just as the sprouts that grow between the cracks in forgotten pavement
Seemingly outnumbered
But strong
Persistent, to a fault it might seem
Holding out even when all hope seems lost and futile to pursue
And in doing so
Often overcoming the odds
And with time
Standing tall above broken concrete

And so we must hold on as well
That so long as we do
We will remain
We will grow
And we will persevere

17 thoughts on “Echoes

    1. Thank you, sincerely. Even if perseverance doesn’t bring the initial goal, it reminds us of our strength and helps us carry forward. I have learned this so many times… And had I given up any of the number of times that I felt like doing so, I would not be where I am.

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