First Snow

The first snow
Has already came and went
The white flakes gone once more
Melted away into the soft earth

Now we’re waiting
Just waiting on another season
To blow through our lives
Taking with it
The warmth of the summer sun
To be replaced with
The long winter nights

14 thoughts on “First Snow

      1. You are very welcome. I wish I coukd visit your site more often but eyesight is defeating me now. I love your work. I think we have things in common too like the darkness. I will try and visit more often

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  1. My dislike for winter has lessened with a good pair of boot, some new gloves and a warm coat. Plus my renewed love for the holiday season. Stay warm!

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    1. I am in need of a new pair of boots and gloves myself, and will need to get them soon… I am actually not adverse to the cold. It is just another part of life, and I try to appreciate it for what it is. The snow can be so beautiful, and there is joy to be had from mornings warm in bed watching the snow fall softly out of the window.

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