From Dust to Dirt and Back Again

The veneer is cracking
Worn thin
Having served for so long now
As the barrier between
What is
And what is thought to be

So with eager eyes
We all await
The day when at last
The mask it falls
Shattered to the floor
And at long last
We may perceive
With clarity and lucid sight
What has always been
But prior remained
Hidden from sight
For fear or lack of faith

And how we must remain
Steadfast in our simple grace
Judging not
That sometimes
The truth is ugly
For are we all not formed
From the same matter
Cycled in endless repetition
From dust to dirt and back again?

Are we not but fragments even now
Of a grand design
We may never fully comprehend
Playing out our parts
Ignorant their purpose
Apathetic even
Our role?

Might we hope
That when the final days have past
Our legacy might be found
To have been one of peace and prosperity
Though at times we are aware
That such a simple fate
May not be nearly as simple
As it might appear

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