The Earth Will Speak, That Your Voice, So Soft Now, Might Be Heard

With eyes as wide as the midday sun
With hair as wild as the beasts which still can be found lurking in the places we have not yet built our homes
Though you may feel so insignificant
Standing beside such monoliths as these we have hewn from the ground beneath you
Standing beneath the night sky filled with a countless number of rotating suns many times the size of the sum of all living things you were ever encounter
You are unquestionably essential to the very existence of all that is
You are the eyes that read these words and in doing so, call to life each and every idea that has been recorded within them
You are the mind that perceives and connects the vastness of all that surrounds you, weaving from it some semblance of order and meaning and from that order and meaning your voice is heard
For yours is the voice that echoes in the still of night when your eyes are closed and the world is but a distant port to which you will eventually arrive but of which you have not the faintest awareness

These things you must know
Not that you might imagine yourself superior to any others and lord your position over them
You must understand the mantle that has been passed to you
A mantle shared by a billion other organisms over the span of aeons upon aeons, over the course of which more suns have passed than those you see in the sky above you now
To which you are tightly bound but upon which you have such great influence such that without you the very fabric of what is would crumble and fall to nothing
You have a purpose here
And though it may seem simple it is truly the most difficult assignment you will ever be given
It is a journey and a battle and a full-blown war all contained neatly within the following statement:
You must discover who you are, and what defines you as such in relation to the world around you

And as soon as you have discovered for yourself
The answer
The earth will speak
That your voice
So soft now
Amongst the cacophony of all else that is
Might be heard

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