From Every Corner of the Room

There will be days
When the shadows close in
From every corner of the room
And the clouds outside
Will not abate

There will be nights
Where the soft pattering
Of rain against the window
Brings no peace
For the sound may serve
As a stark reminder
Of the world that lays beyond
And how very far away it can feel

There will be moments
When you question
All that you know and are
Seeing only the flaws
In your design

But you must be patient
That the light of day will shine once more
That the world is not nearly as far away as it may seem
That your flaws are what make you who you are
For it is the lows
That differentiate the highs
And in between the two
Is where peace is found

10 thoughts on “From Every Corner of the Room

    1. Thank you so much, Grumpy, for the reblog. It has really been quite some time since we have interacted, and I am so happy to hear from you in such an uplifting way. 🙂 I hope that you are doing well, my friend.


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