All Hallows Eve

On this The day all spirits rise The dead will walk So stay inside Lock all your doors And windows tight Beware the dark Stay in the light The shadows move All through the night Something is here Something's not Quite… Right…

Our Pain Does Not Define Us

With damage done by those we love The wounds can often feel Like they encompass all we are Like nothing else is real As time goes by we often try To make like we are healed But memories bring clarity And hidden pain can be revealed But know with patience, time, and hope Deep wounds … Continue reading Our Pain Does Not Define Us

Always Missing Something

I want to run Through the dark and into the forest beyond To keep pace with the coyotes To ride the columns of air that carry the crows high above the tallest trees I have never quite felt at home Here amongst the bright lights and ticking clocks Always missing Something I want to return … Continue reading Always Missing Something