Such Dreams as These

You used to believe
In so many things
In endless possibilities
The future was open wide
And all that stood in the way
Was time

You used to dream
Each and every night
In an endless stream
Each moment a door
Through which you could see
Everything and more

You wanted peace
A little room to breathe
You wanted relief
From the thoughts that kept you guessing
Just a little bit of rest
A night of sleep

But this place
Will take your breath away
Not a trace
Of what you thought you were
Will remain
At the end of the day

Remember now
What brought you this far
Say it out loud
What you feel
Just to know
That it’s real

We can be more
We are enough
We are strong and we are tough
Enough to survive
With open hearts, open mines, open eyes
We will survive
We will thrive

Now we are awake
And the world is outside
Now it waits
For you to say
You will embrace
You will remain

Such dreams as these
May sometimes seem
Out of reach
But you can achieve
If we believe
And I believe

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