You Are So

You are so
But you are also so

Life is hard sometimes
It doesn’t wait
It doesn’t care
About context
About pain
About how much you can take
Before you break

Moves forward
Or without us
It may feel like it moves right through us
Like we aren’t even there
Like we are inconsequential

But you are more than the sum of your time
You are of great consequence
Loved and needed
For though life moves quickly
And it is easy to think that your life is without meaning
In the grand scheme that unfolds
Nothing is without reason
Without purpose
As time is like a great tapestry
And could not exist without each strand
Tied tightly
Holding everything together
As delicate in its intricacy
As any individual thread in its simplicity

Remember this
Remember these simple truths
You are loved
You are appreciated
You are needed
And always will be

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