The World Still Turns

Even in your darkest moments
The world still turns
When the dawn may seem
Like it will never come
The world still turns
When you are all alone at night
Watching the stars shine down
The world still turns
When the weight of all that surrounds you
Threatens to collapse upon you
The world still turns

There will always be a new day
There will always be a light
For the world to turn once more

26 thoughts on “The World Still Turns

  1. Your poetry never disappoints. I see such hope in this one, such love. Even when the world seems to be falling apart, a new day will come again. May I share with you one I wrote when first starting to write poetry. It does not come close to the caliber I see in this one, but … here it is


    1970 © Barbara Grace lake

    Night is ending and with the sun’s ascension into the greyness of softly dawning skies,

    The luminescence of countless shimmering stars etching the still darkness is gently swept away

    And with the dawn comes renewal of hope and warmth and courage for those who have buried yesterday’s sighs

    Into the recession of sleep and dreams that yet may be fulfilled in the creation of another day.

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