In the Distant Skies

It is often said
That to achieve
Is to visualize and make manifest
To will into being
Through determination and desire

And yes
This may be true
As I have seen the proof
So many times
Though I can’t help but wonder
If the same applies for those whose dream resides
Outside of the clear and easily defined
In the back of the mind
In the distant skies
In memories of another time
Another life

Can the intangible be made real
Simply by believing it so?

10 thoughts on “In the Distant Skies

        1. Thank you so much for this. I do truly believe that everything is possible. I have seen many things that would be statistically impossible come to fruition… By writing my ideas and thoughts, I being them to the public realm, and by reading and considering the possibilities, you contribute. So I thank you… I appreciate you and am grateful for your presence here.

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