Long After We Are Gone

Our little star
Has only ever wanted peace
A moment’s rest
A moment’s sleep
But rest won’t come
When you’re the sun
When you’re the one
Who shines light down
Whose work is never done
Not a moment of dark
Not a moment to search your restless heart
So the sun shines on
The sun shines bright all year long
From dawn to dusk
From dusk to dawn
And it will be shining still
Long after we are gone.

13 thoughts on “Long After We Are Gone

  1. An angel watching over this terrain
    A torch that lights our domain
    He does it time and time again
    Though it meant burning himself every single second.

    I liked it. It’s an interesting view point that you took.

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    1. Through burns and scars that do not heal
      The star shows its love for us is real
      A suffering that never ends
      Our life upon its pain depends

      I am so glad that you enjoyed this piece; thank you for the excellent poetic contribution.

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