In the End (Reprise)

In the end,
It is not the pain that hurts us.
It is not loss that takes away from us what we love.
It is not death that signals the end.

It is fear,
And how we react to it’s presence.

17 thoughts on “In the End (Reprise)

    1. Yes, often times, I have found that what I fear most is hardly as terrible as all the time that I spend thinking about it. Often, by coming to terms with what I fear, accepting it and trying to understand why it had made me fearful, I am able to find contentment or even come to appreciate what I once feared.


      1. I agree with you, once the hurdle has been cleared, you find it wasn’t such a big jump after all, and the landing on the over side of the fence was a lot softer than what you thought

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