Words Like Fire

On the days where the words
Burn your heart like fire
Let them out
Then from afar
Use their heat
To warm your spirit

13 thoughts on “Words Like Fire

      1. I have started a server which I hope will turn into a support group for those who struggle with mental health issues. It is voice and chat based and you are welcome to join. It is brand new, but if you need somebody to talk to, I am there and eventually I hope it will grow into a place people can come and feel safe and not feel alone.

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          1. It was not my idea. It was the idea of a fellow blogger I recently met. He suggested we use Skype and I thought Discord would make a better platform as it has servers you can create and sub categorise with voice and chat functions. I thought it could be personalised to suit everyone over time. So the platform is Discord. You can download it onto your phone, use it in your browser or download the app to your pc. (You May already know it and if you do then I am rambling!)

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