My Love Belongs to You

You beautiful beam of light
How have you not come to understand by now
That you are precious and loved
That you are a direct line straight from the source
Into this world of darkness
To bring illumination on all that shimmers in your glow

How it brings pain to hear you say
That you are without worth
That you are in some way inferior
Because you perceive your form to be
Inconsistent with expectations and norms

Do you not realize that it is in this variation that your character is built?

For you are unique
In every way
From the way you smile in the light of the morning sun
To the way you brush your little finger so gently against mine as we walk
You are unlike any other
In how your body curls so tightly against mine as we lay at last for sleep
In the voice with which you sing so sweetly the songs that awaken in your heart a desire to be heard

How I love each of the nuances of your person
How they enrich the very air which you inhabit
And in doing so add color to the palette with which this world is drawn

Please, my dear
Do not underestimate yourself
And the meaning you bring
The value you hold
And the love you are due
For though these are so many people out in this world
Who are looking for love
And for someone to give their love to
To me, there are no others
My love belongs to you

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