Though All the While, Traces Linger

Must time move so quickly
As the days we once knew so well
Become but memories
Which in turn are made to be
A sediment of sentiment
Into which the roots of our blooming days are set
Forgotten now for what they were
Rather consumed and made new
Though all the while, traces linger.

Oh, my brother
My sister
My blood and my flesh both
How at times I am pulled beneath
By a longing for simpler times
When the distance between us was imperceptible
And an expanse of that distance utterly inconceivable
How I wish you still remembered
That we are and always will be
Three parts of the same whole

But these days
The storms rage
The years fall like rain
Until we are submerged in the flow
The ground beneath us shifting with the tides
And with it, we are scattered
Until the water recedes
And we gather once more

7 thoughts on “Though All the While, Traces Linger

  1. Being elderly, time is too fleeting for me. Much too fleeting. I even wrote about it awhile ago. May I share it?


    © Barbara Grace Lake 2018

    Uncaring, ruthless time, hold back
    Conceding there is no return
    I do not wish some ghostly hand
    Return to life a former time
    When I was less than twenty five
    And time itself seemed infinite

    When days, not blaming stripling age,
    Were filled with fleeting, youthful craze
    Of parties, dance, erotic lust
    Euterpe’s waste in primal quest
    How recklessly I dared each day
    I’d not repeat that time again

    Though when, perhaps, my first born child
    Drank deeply from his mother’s breast
    Or when a baby daughter cooed
    Or children’s laughter filled the house
    These things I’d love to see, but no,
    Vignettes like this are better dreams

    I could not know when I was young
    How precious time would be in age
    How quickly fly unyielding years
    My neighbor’s children, grown like mine
    And now I struggle savoring
    Each hour a gift to see and feel.

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    1. This is a beautiful piece of poetry you have shared with me here… Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad that you have reached this understanding of the value of time and the preciousness of the moments we are given. I feel that so many people, even unto their last breath, do not understand how immensely rare these experiences we are gifted are. I savor this encounter in this way – I am so very glad to have met you and to have been given this chance to read what you have written. Life is truly beautiful.

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