There Will Be Times When

There will be times when
Though you think all day
The thought you seek will not come

There will be times
Though you close your eyes so tight
Sleep will remain just out of reach

There will be times
Though you try as hard as you can
It will not be enough

But there will also be times
Though the night is black and the light has seemed to have died into itself
The sun will rise and the shadows will disperse just the same as it did the day before
Though you may find yourself suddenly and inexplicably nostalgic in the overwhelming glow

There will be times
That you fall
That you rise
That you are lost
That you are found
That you fail
That you succeed

There will always be times
For your heart the same as your mind
For the darkness the same as the light

26 thoughts on “There Will Be Times When

    1. Thank you. I try to be very intentional in my use of literary devices, particularly repetition… It is relatively easy to abuse, and can end up as a crutch. I am glad that this piece worked for you. 🙂

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