On a Cool, Misty Morning

On a cool, misty morning
In the early Autumn
I can feel the crisp air rushing against my cheek
As the world slowly rises around me
From its bed of the night before
To a day filled with the voices of so many
Eager to begin
Eager to know what it means to be alive

I retreat from this scene
To silence and darkness
Resolute to seek
Some peace of mind
Amidst the tumult

The bell chimes slowly but firmly
And then drifts off in its own way
And as the senses begin to wander
I am left feeling alone
But this is fleeting
And I am soon reminded
By the hum in my ears
And the movement on the surface of my skin

18 thoughts on “On a Cool, Misty Morning

    1. 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed this piece. You may enjoy some context here… Every other Friday, I spend my morning in what is called an anechoic chamber, a room that absorbs all sound and is considered one of the quietest places on Earth. I cherish these days; in the darkness and silence, there is much to see and hear.

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      1. Oh my. ThNkyou for telling me that I also spend days in silence and I ha d a dark place where I go but it is sadly not as silent and dark as where you go I would love to have that experience

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        1. If it helps, it is a unique experience and I do not take it for granted, but I have found just the same level of awareness and peace, of silence and darkness, elsewhere, through meditation and focus. 🙂 I am certain the time you set aside for silence is just as valuable to you.

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          1. It most certainly is. Of course, I discovered it after I went blind. Though I can still see light and dark, I am metaphorically in the darkness, but I discovered its wonders akmost by accident one time. This caused me to meditate on it, and now, I seek it out all the time. Sadly, most people cannot understand it. Everyone mostly wants to drag you into the ‘light’ and when I write poems about the darkness many do not understand and offer to “help” me lol. We carry on in our own way though don’t we. Thankyou for sharing this with me.

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          2. It takes a certain wisdom and awareness to appreciate the duality of life, and understand that there is value on both sides. I respect you and your appreciation of the oft-overlooked shadows.

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    1. I am so glad to hear that. I have sought and continue to pursue a balance, to embrace solitude as well as those who surround me in my daily life. Solitude can be so valuable in helping us to appreciate ourselves, but at the same time, can distance us from building meaningful connections. It is all about balance and moderation… Mindfullness is key.

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      1. yes to achieve that balance is key, I tend to lean more to solitude, I get too much of human connection at work, I need the isolation to regroup. It is knowing how much we need and how to get it that is important too. I appreciate your views.

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