You Are So Much More

Some run from what they fear
Seeking solace in that which is undefined to them
They curl
Like pages from a nearby flame
Growing darker from the heat nonetheless

Others live in such a way
That they avoid all perceived threats
Distant from the battlefield
Hearing only of the horrors
In passing tales
But fear is pervasive in all they do
Influencing their decisions and bringing to the lives
An emptiness that even the brightest light cannot erase

The world is a cruel place
Full of darkness and smelling of death
With every inhalation, we breathe it deep

Those who understand these simple truths
Seek not to hide from them
Make no attempts to distance themselves from what they fear
Seeking understanding through exposure
Finding beauty in every dark and dirty objects that passes through their hands
Just the same as those that shine brilliantly

Be strong
Look to the coming horizon
You are precious
You are more than your fear
You are so much more

10 thoughts on “You Are So Much More

    1. Thank you, Dawn, for the valuable input on this. Fear can definitely be a powerful tool in the right context. It is a symptom, and indication, and if we follow it like a thread, we often either find that what manipulates it is less intimidating than we initially envisioned, or that we ourselves are at the heart, and as you mention, need to change.

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