Time Is

Time is
Indifferent and undiscerning
The great trickster
Thief and benevolent altruist
Savior and damnation
As all we possess
All we cherish
All that we despise
Burdens and banquets both
Are given and taken all the same

Oh for the days
When the hours passed so slowly
We could count the seconds as they passed
Unattached to what had been and what would be
Or what we wanted to be
Just content with what was

Now it seems
The clock and calendar are growing old and obsolete
As everything that was blurs into everything that is
Which is really just a precursor to what will be
And we are a fixed point
All of the universe moving around us so quickly
That we forget
Where we are and where we have been

But in the inevitable progression
We can learn
To let go
To offer freely what we have
Content with loss the same as gain
Seeking only to show love and patience
In all that we do
That our time spent
Might be worthwhile
In the end

13 thoughts on “Time Is

  1. “Content with loss the same as gain” the greatest point we can reach. And it DOES come. If we allow it to. And with it, true peace. Fantastic poem

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