This piece was written in collaboration with Blackbird.


I don’t know why
Summer makes me
Feel so meloncholy.
People around me
Rejoicing in sunshine
Relax, enjoy, love
In the summertime.
Fresh cut grass
Sprinklers and sunsets
Make my heart
Swell to my throat.
Though some of my
Fondest memories
Were in the summer.
Why is it now
The things I love
Bring so much sadness?
Why do I long so
For thunderstorms
And dark skies,
Yet crave the sun
All winter long?


The warm and humid air drifts slowly in front of my eyes
But there is nothing in it to see
And the light carries through it far too clear a picture
Waves of emerald green
In the trees and in the grass beneath my feet;
With sights set on the horizon
I wait in silence
For green to give way to autumn red
For the leaves to slowly curl and fall to the ground
To be absorbed back into the Earth

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