How Much You Mean to Me

Just last night I had a dream
I stood in a field of emerald green
Where a mouth it spoke from a face unseen
In a language unknown
But with a voice serene

In this dream there was a girl
And there was a time
Where in her eyes
I saw the world

On her face there was a smile
And we talked and laughed for quite a while

But time reveals the truth it seems
Now even in these simple dreams
I knew the world once conveyed in her face
Was one in which I had no place

Though we laughed there was a sadness
Which betrayed our surface gladness
For though I thought fondly of those days
We both have went our separate ways

So when the silence finally fell
We both knew it was just as well

And when I woke I was glad to find
Someone who loved me by my side
I held her close, kissed her gently on the cheek
And whispered:
“You don’t know how much you mean to me.”

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