When We Finally Let Go

When we finally let go
Will it be as if we are falling
Into that great abyss
Or will all that we held on to
Lift and float away
As a curtain to reveal
What they had hidden all along?

22 thoughts on “When We Finally Let Go

    1. Thank you, Dawn. Death has always been inspired a certain curiosity in me, for as long as I can remember. I understand the fear, but more so on a conceptual level than anything else. I suppose change can be very frightening, and Death is a change that is so difficult to comprehend and can seem impossible to adapt to.

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    1. It is an oddly relatable sentiment, isn’t it, the draw of the mystery behind the veil… We just must remember to stay grounded in this life while we have it – the highs and the lows, all of it is so fleeting, and in natural time, the veil will lift.

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    1. I would much prefer that as well. Sometimes, we act under the assumption of the first though, clinging tightly to our lives and the understanding we have of it out of some sort of fear of falling away if we loosen our grasp. I challenge us to consider that, perhaps by letting go of some of the things in our life that we covet so, more genuine and meaningful truths may be revealed as they rise away.

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      1. that is a very profound approach, I don’t think I have ever read it said that way or even considered it like that. you are very wise, you have such control over your emotions. letting go is one of the most difficult things to do in reality. It’s inherent to resist change and want things to go on as they were. Thank you so much for detailing your response. It’s a deeper look into you the courageous person you are.

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        1. There are always many ways to see a situation. I try to stay positive, though admittedly, it can be difficult at times. It is a constant, ongoing process. Writing about it helps, and talking about it with others to understand as many different perspectives as possible, then applying them going forward as much as possible. Thank you so much for the kind words and for the dialogue.

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