Oh, But in the Soft Twilight

On the horizon
Where earth and ocean meet the sky
Where two worlds collide
This is where my heart resides
Always at the divide
If you pay attention
You can see it in my eyes.

The sun and the moon
Indifferent in their ways
Are unaware this place
Ignorant their position
As they drift aimlessly through space
Never knowing their power
Not understanding
The part that they play
In deciding our fate
In dictating the difference
Between the nights and the day.

Oh, but in the soft twilight
There is no day, there is no night
And in this balance
But for a moment
All is right.

35 thoughts on “Oh, But in the Soft Twilight

  1. Oh my, my, my! This poem has everything – wisdom, beauty, meaning, feeling, love, life… And the title! You’ve outdone yourself my friend. I’m so entranced, I don’t even know what to say!

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    1. The twilight always draws me in… Although I have at times lamented the ephemeral nature of this magical time, I also recognize that there is a certain beauty in that alone. The same as with gentle rain, were it to always fall, we might grow tired of it and seek to escape it. When such things are appreciated in moderation, they are that much more enjoyable, as I have found with almost such experiences… 🙂

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      1. that is the most lovely and magical description of twilight, thank you for sharing your thoughts. twilight in Asia is known as a bewitching time, time of day between light and darkness when spirits are allowed to roam free, it’s always been a favourite hour of mine.

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    1. Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it, and that you found it relatable. That is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of sharing writing here – learning all of the ways in which our worlds overlap (though I likewise enjoy learning of all the perspectives and aspects of life that I do not hold in common). It is such a beautiful, diverse world in which we live…

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        1. You are quite welcome.

          Blackbird, or Amethyst alternatively, is the one to whom my heart is tied. There are several poems here which we have co-written, should you wish you check the archives. 🙂


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