In the Mountains of the Carolinas

In the mountains of the Carolinas
I’ve worked to put it all behind but
All the memories still bind us
In a way
But wait
With new ones maybe I can find
That there’s still time enough
And light enough
A new mind, aligned, in spite of
Scenes with dreams implied
No white doves
Only wide eyes
New tries
And the right love
In a heart that beats the same as mine
Inside of
A body that despite tough times
Remains and that’s enough
To leave me delighted
And now I’m excited
For soon we’ll leave the Carolinas
To return to where we reside
And this will be all that’s left to remind us
Of the days now far behind us
So here’s to the light that guides us
And the ones who stay beside us
Through troubled times
And storms or pride that blinds us
Because we know
True love is hard to find but
It’s even harder
To keep alive.

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