Even as the Ashes

Even as the ashes
Of the life you once knew
Fall around you like thick blankets,
Be at peace;
They will keep you warm in the coming winter.

When the spring returns
And the thaw has driven the freeze away once more,
The last of that which was will be carried off by the melt
And though the land left behind may at first appear dirty and scarred,
Life will begin again
And beauty will be restored.

28 thoughts on “Even as the Ashes

    1. Life always holds out pockets of hope amidst the storms and catastrophes. It is a truth for which I am eternally grateful… Thank you, Lorraine; sometimes people serve as the vessels of hope, carrying with them messages in words or simply in the energy that they carry. You are someone who carries with you the energy of hope, and I am very glad to know you.


    1. You have made a clever connection here. And what people tend to forget is that the phoenix needed to die to survive… Death was just as much a part of it’s life cycle as eating or breathing, just on a larger scale of time. In the same way, sometimes our surroundings, our comforts and habits and that which we have grown attached to, must die that we might live on and grow. Thank you for the read and for the comment! πŸ™‚


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