To seek and achieve greatness
Is a constant and unrelenting process
Paradoxical in that
Once achieved
Greatness quickly fades to the mundane
Requiring exceptional efforts once more
To define the new standard
An iterative process which repeats itself
In every facet of life as we know it
From the drive to acquire financial and social success
To the lofty aspiration of the individual
To pursue meaning in an existence inherently devoid clear definition as such;
Keep reaching ever higher
As we all must
Willing to accept and embrace the plateaus and valley
Just the same as the peaks.

16 thoughts on “Greatness

      1. Thanks for this inferential question. I have not written any explanation for this change. However, it’s the title of my profile poem (in About) and also the title of my first poetry collection, which will be available in near future. Thanks again. 🙂

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  1. Nice poem my friend, yes to achieve excellence is a difficult thing then to surpass that over and over again is even a greater challenge of inposability. ❤️✌️



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