Home Is

Home is
A concept ill-defined
Why then
Do we concern ourselves so
With the constant pursuit thereof
And the perception of others thereupon?

Even to feel “at home”
In these mortal coils
Which we refer to as our “self”
Is often an arduous task
And one predisposed
To fluidity
And a curious tendency
To place value upon
The opinions and influence of
Entities external to ourselves.

I am coming to believe
That home is a feeling
One which evolves with Time
Shifting and shaping just as rapidly
As the very concept and manifestation thereof
And to accept
Or even to go as far as to embrace
This perspective
Is to wield power unimaginable
To own and therefore transcend
The very fabric of our existence
To state boldly and with confidence
That what is ours
Resides within our hearts
Within our minds
Inaccessible to those who might seek
To lay claim.

You are a being of grand design
Thrown so recklessly into
A world that often lacks such definition
And from this framework,
Enigmatic and seemingly paradoxical as it may appear,
Is derives the richness and inexplicable beauty
Of that which we have come to know as life

18 thoughts on “Home Is

  1. Great poem my friend 😀, as the old saying gose ” Home is were the heart is ” because no matter where you go in this world if you love your self your always home. 😉 😀


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    1. Exactly, Dawn. And even still, there may come moments of doubt, where self-love is a challenge… But we can always return to our center so long as we know deep down that we belong, as long as we anchor ourselves in something deeper while accepting that life is dynamic and generally outside of our control. We control us, our thoughts and our hearts. And as you have stated, it is there where our true residence is grounded.

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      1. I don’t believe life is ever in are control it’s just an aloshon to ground us, are thoughts and heart are as you said all that we really control and that is are grounding point, tho I may be homeless but I don’t feel homeless because I’m at home in my self. ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

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        1. Dawn, you understand the world at a capacity well beyond many others. I appreciate you, and the positive energy that you and your posts carry. I do hope that some day, although you are at peace with your situation, you may find a physical space that you can call home as well. Until then, retain the outlook that you have now, and know that in doing so, your quality of life exceeds that of many who reside in “homes” of a purely physical nature (houses). Also know that you always have a home here with the people who love you, in heart, mind, and spirit.

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          1. Thank you for your kind words my friend 😀 .
            I always think I’m ahead of my time in this world because my thinking and beliefs are ahead of so many people in this world. Here on WP people know the inner me and love that 😀 .

            BY FOR NOW

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  2. i am astrologically a cancer. everything you read about us will talk about what “homebodies” we are. i however, am a nomad. i love to move and discover new places. i spent a lot of my life moving from one spot to another. i always joked i was a hermit crab (crab being the cancer sign)…i carry my home with me.
    it’s true. my home is in my heart. wherever i go, i am home. if i happen to land somewhere that somehow does not feel like home, i do not stay. but i have found, generally, i am able to feel “home” anywhere i am.
    i enjoyed your poem. i love this concept.

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    1. I, too, am a cancer, and I understand this much better than I am likely able to convey. I have always been rather paradoxical in that I am very much a being grounded in consistency and habit, but also energized and drawn to the dynamic and chaotic. I believe this is very much attributed to the fact that much of my world exists in my head. So long as I have in my inner reality, often influenced by or even a reflection of life outside of myself but also unique as my own, my surroundings and experiences are less relevant. I am so glad that you enjoyed this, and that through it, we found a connection.

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