In This Moment, We Are Blessed

Out on the road
I’m driving home
It’s almost ten

No stars in sight
A moonless night
As clouds roll in

See lightening strike
Light up the sky
The storms begins

As I step in the door
I hear the rain begin to pour
Down on the street
As you lay there fast asleep

I go to your room
Whisper “Darling I love you”
Quickly undress
To place my ear against your chest
Hear your heart pound
From a precious instrument, such a lovely sound

As we lay in bed
You hold me close
I kiss your head

Then I give you space
And with every flash of light
I see your face

In the moment’s glow
Think to myself
You’re so beautiful

I’ve always loved the rain
The way the drops run down the window pane
Now as I watch them fall
I’m feeling thankful most of all

For though I love the storms
With you here I love them even more
It is such a gift
To have someone to share this with
So let’s just lay and rest
For in this moment, we are blessed

24 thoughts on “In This Moment, We Are Blessed

        1. The strong shall be made weak.
          The holds of the eager made meager.
          And the forces of wars divorced their course.

          Those former bound shall be freed.
          Those without will be without need.
          Those who hunger will feed.
          Those who follow will lead.

          We wait.
          We watch.
          We are patient,
          Slow to raise our voice;
          But we are not silent.

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