The Culmination of Light and Darkness that Surrounds Us

How these words
A trickle at times
Come like a flood at others
Washing through
Washing over
This landscape scattered
With the relics that compose
The very essence
Of all we are
That all else
Might drift slowly out of sight

To ignore
Or attempt to divert
The waters that rise
Is to be caught
To be swept away
The torrent more powerful
Than any strength
We could ever hope to muster

But to harness this power
Is to gain access
To the very forces that persistently pervade
The culmination
Of light
And darkness
That surrounds us daily

To speak is to sing
With a voice that ascends
That transcends
Time and space
And the distance between them
To nothing more
Than words as all the others
Carrying away their weight
That all that is to be perceived
May fade and disappear
Leaving behind
The purity of meaning

It is in this absolution
That clarity arises
From the depths of the flow
Demonstrating in earnest
That we are but vessels
The ever-reaching appendages of
And in
A grand scheme
We only comprehend but in moments
And with limited perspective
Aimlessly but not without purpose
The surface on which we are suspended
Guiding us and holding us back just the same

So speak
My love
My friend
My brother and sister
My mother and father
My enemy and ally alike
For it is only in our shared rendition
That we can ever hope to derive
What lies beneath

20 thoughts on “The Culmination of Light and Darkness that Surrounds Us

    1. Thank you; it truly is a challenge, and one that can be equally frustrating just the same as it can be rewarding. We must often earn expression, earn understanding, which can be as difficult a concept to grasp and accept as it is to achieve.

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  1. I sing your praises, a wondrous in depth composition of what happens to the heart. This is one of my fav’ poems by Leonard Cohen, .  , sorry this is not a link, if you would like to read it, copy and paste into Google search.


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