Though All the While, Traces Linger

Why Must time move so quickly As the days we once knew so well Become but memories Which in turn are made to be A sediment of sentiment Into which the roots of our blooming days are set Forgotten now for what they were Rather consumed and made new Though all the while, traces linger. … Continue reading Though All the While, Traces Linger

You Are So Much More

Some run from what they fear Seeking solace in that which is undefined to them They curl Like pages from a nearby flame Growing darker from the heat nonetheless Others live in such a way That they avoid all perceived threats Distant from the battlefield Hearing only of the horrors In passing tales But fear … Continue reading You Are So Much More

On Nights Such as This

On nights such as this You can see the stars Shining down Unobstructed From such distant spaces Breaking through to be perceived Despite the ever-present city lights And at times like this I cannot help but feel As an ant Insignificant Crawling meaninglessly Through the obscurity of daily life But then I remember That even … Continue reading On Nights Such as This