All That We Ever Really Need

I found my place in everything
Last night
As I lay beside you
With my arm resting on your shoulder
Our bodies intertwined

We like to think
In linear
Perceiving death
To be the pinnacle
All else
Leading up to the end

But this is limited
In understanding and application
Life is much more complex
And seldom does nature present a clear start and finish

I do believe
We exist for more than just to die
And along the way
We experience the true peaks
In moments easily forgotten
Passed up
In pursuit of
What comes next
Always so eager to move forward
We forget that now is all we will ever have
And all we ever really need

17 thoughts on “All That We Ever Really Need

  1. Wonderfully written. It reminds me of an essay that I read a long time ago (Montaigne, perhaps) that described how all good essays, like all good lives, should not be linear but should wander as though the writer is on a blind ramble through the woods. Your words remind me of that, and the way in which we can lose ourselves in poetry. I posted a poem a while ago called ‘Circles’ that has a similar motif – we’re on the same wavelength! x

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      1. Yes! Like ‘flowers in a meadow’ – I think that was a simile that he, or a contemporary referenced. Thank you for this! It’s always nice to find two thought processes that align.

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