That All Else Might Be Illuminated Instead

I was conversing
The other night
With the voice on the wind
On the topic of self
And perspective

We were discussing
How the universe exists
Inside of the mind
And how naturally
The mind places itself at the center

As we spoke
I posited
What I should do
To reject this
Seeking at the time
To redirect my center
To the one who lies beside me

The voice was quiet
For a very long time
Then it told me
In pictures more than words
How perception is like a light
Shone in a crowd of souls

By nature
We shine this light on ourselves
Pursuant of
Clarity of self

Once we know
Ourselves and our position
We seek to explore
That which surrounds us
Our luminary glow edging away slowly and cautiously
Uncertain of focus and always returning

To enlighten one’s self is to seek to push that light further and further
For longer periods of time
Accepting the shadows that swell for embrace
That we might see what lies beyond

We grow in our consciousness and awareness when we find
Other points on which to focus
But this in itself is but a step on the path

To awaken
Is to reverse the very concept
To allow the self to go dark
That all else might be illuminated instead

20 thoughts on “That All Else Might Be Illuminated Instead

  1. Beautiful and enlightening. We find ourselves but must then see the significance of others. I enjoyed your last lines most, but all your writings beautiful. “To allow the self to go dark
That all else might be illuminated instead.” These I find so truthful, that we care for other people and help them, despite are inner battles.
    Lovely writing as always 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, Mandibelle. As with much of what I write, this was actually inspired by a waking dream that I had. In it, I began as a figure in a crowd of shadows. Over the course of the dream, through trial and error, I worked to illuminate my surroundings and see beyond myself. It was only in the end, when I let go of the conceptual framework that placed myself at the center, that everyone else became visible and I felt connected with everything as a whole, still distinct and unique as an individual, but no longer focused on my place relative to others.

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      1. It’s very neat. Thanks for explaining your process. You have vivid and clear dreams, especially when you’re able to see around you. Very neat indeed. Have a great week.

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