These are the Moments

These are the moments
To remember
So simple
But so intricate in the complexity of grand context
Sitting quietly around crackling embers
The warmth tying us together
A nexus for spirits high
The sound of the guitar humming in the background
Staring softly into the glowing logs
As if we can see right into the depths of the soul
Searching not for
That which divides us from one another
Seeking unity in our difference
Singing songs we all know so well
Each voice distinct
As the individual from which they rise
But the beauty found within
The harmonious coalescence
The dissolution of
The self
To amplify the collective

And even as the flames die down
We remain
Oblivious in our joy
The stars beaming down in approval
Acknowledging the momentary understanding
Of these
Such simple relegations of
The glow in the dark
Burning bright within us
As it once did before us

24 thoughts on “These are the Moments

  1. I’m listening to Leonard Cohen’s CD of his Isle Of Wight concert 1970, and reading your wonderful poem, feeling the moment, the high spirits, guitar humming, singing songs we all know, and the harmonious coalescence of the collective audience. Your poem fitted perfectly into my simple surroundings here, thank you

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    1. That does sound like an appropriate pairing. I enjoy the music of Cohen, but even beyond that, regardless of whether I enjoy music, I have great respect and reverence for musical gatherings of all types .. there is always a communion, an energy that brings people together and brings out the soul. I am so glad that you could find such a perfect situation to read this!


  2. It’s a beautiful idea. You’ve explored the relationship between the individual and the group in such a natural, and open way – it makes for such ethereal poetry. The simple image of the fire is so effective.

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    1. Thank you so much. I am very glad that I captured the concept. The moments themselves were quite ethereal… Though ephemeral just the same. Fortunately, I can revisit them through these words.

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    1. I really appreciate that comment; it validates my words have captured at least some portion of the moment. I still do not think we can ever fully convey the sense of meaning in them though… I am sure you have had those times when all of existence seems to slow, and you become more aware, more observant. It is a slightly melancholic feeling, as you both appreciate the awareness but as such you see the ephemeral nature of life. Truly an amazing and strange feeling…


    1. Thank you. I am so glad to hear that you appreciate the ending. I sometimes have a hard time with knowing when to end the piece, feeling like there is more I want to say, but often I realize I have already conveyed what I want to say, and anything more is embellishment, at which point I must decide if it would add or detract from the point. It is reassuring to hear that you enjoyed how this ended.


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