Drawn Only to You

There have been nights when
Upon waking
I wished I had not
Dreams to which waking life
Has felt not but a fevered segue
And I have often cursed the hours for passing so quickly between the time I close my eyes and the moment they next open
But these days
I wake to find you in my arms
Or sleeping softly beside me
And I am content
Lightly kissing your silky hair
Or gently caressing the smooth surface of your skin
Uncaring of whether I return to whatever fantasy from which I have been summoned
Drawn only to you
That you are near.

20 thoughts on “Drawn Only to You

    1. Hello friend. Just a suggestion: there is a sort of balance here, where, as a community, we view and like each other’s posts to support one another and because we enjoy reading what others have to write. I understand where you are coming from, so I will just say that it is generally best to be patient and involved and others will happily appreciate your work. 🙂


    2. I have read your posts, friend, and you are a talented writer with a unique perspective and voice. Keep writing, be patient, and seek others with genuine desire for community. You will find what you need.


    1. Thank you. Sleep does tend to go by far too quickly… Though fortunately, I am finding joy and peace in the waking world as opposed to living for my dreams. 🙂


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