Drawn Only to You

There have been nights when
Upon waking
I wished I had not
Dreams to which waking life
Has felt not but a fevered segue
And I have often cursed the hours for passing so quickly between the time I close my eyes and the moment they next open
But these days
I wake to find you in my arms
Or sleeping softly beside me
And I am content
Lightly kissing your silky hair
Or gently caressing the smooth surface of your skin
Uncaring of whether I return to whatever fantasy from which I have been summoned
Drawn only to you
That you are near.

20 thoughts on “Drawn Only to You

    1. Hello friend. Just a suggestion: there is a sort of balance here, where, as a community, we view and like each other’s posts to support one another and because we enjoy reading what others have to write. I understand where you are coming from, so I will just say that it is generally best to be patient and involved and others will happily appreciate your work. ๐Ÿ™‚


    2. I have read your posts, friend, and you are a talented writer with a unique perspective and voice. Keep writing, be patient, and seek others with genuine desire for community. You will find what you need.


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