Dream Ourselves Awake

Am I alive and well?
Some days I cannot tell.
I walk, I talk, I breathe
But am I really me?
What does it mean to “be”?
Is it only what you see?
Or is there something missing
In these lines,
In shapes and shades and days,
Too long at times,
Too dense to be condensed
In pretty rhymes,
But meaning still too sparse to parse;
Eyes opened wide
But in a realm of endless dark
We perceive
What we choose to believe;
Dream ourselves awake
That we might create and receive
What we think we need,
Subsisting and existing,
But nonetheless empty,
Feeling endlessly
An ache that cannot be relieved,
A void as vast and deep
As all the lakes and streams and seas,
Searching skin and minds and hearts
For rhythm, for a beat,
For a sign of blood to bleed,
For proof, for a sign, for relief
From these
Our lives, our lies, our insecurities;
As minutes into minutes feed,
We move at lightning speed,
But in the wrinkles,
Buried under every crease,
Time and motion seem to cease;
In this we find
Some semblance of release,
Of peace.

30 thoughts on “Dream Ourselves Awake

  1. Lovely poem my friend, I can relate to this the mindless days gust doing are day to day activities as thow we’re in a dream state and only finding conchesnis in one second in time when time standstill. ❤️✌️



    1. Thank you, I am so honored by this… I sometimes struggle to place my thoughts into words, or even just to understand them myself. It is so cathartic to be a letter to express them clearly, and means a lot to hear that my meaning was captured as intended. I am so grateful for your reading, commenting, and sharing.

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    1. Thank you very much for the kind comment. I really appreciate it. I completely agree, and take that as one of the highest compliments… To spur thought is a central goal of any creative endeavor.

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  2. Beautiful piece. A searching and perhaps even frustration about ‘self’ and their identity together, but in the end comfort and meaning found. Loved it 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Mandibelle… The search for self, for meaning, can be quite frustrating and seem endless, but as you note, there is peace to be found. I am so glad that you enjoyed the piece; I appreciate you taking the time to comment as such.

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    1. To be alive, more than mere repetition of organic activity? Colocation. Communication. Oxygenation. There is more… I have seen all of these actions performed by an individual deep in the throes of a dream. Who’s to say that there isn’t a form of consciousness somewhere between?

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