Life Can Be Tiring – A Haiku

Life can be tiring
More so as we grow older
Make the moments count

19 thoughts on “Life Can Be Tiring – A Haiku

  1. That’s very true but we always end up chasing things which are even more tiring and end up being exhausted rather than taking a moment to enjoy whatever that’s happening we’re always on the run.

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    1. That is also quite true. So perhaps contextually, in some cases, “making the moment count” could just mean enjoying the time you have without trying to make it something more. This was a great comment, Adi.

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    1. Exactly. It felt appropriate, both for my mindset and the events that were going on in my life, as well as the flow of my writing. Sometimes it’s good to use fewer words…


        1. Very true… There are some days where I write endlessly, and end you archiving much of what I write. Then there are other days where the words just do not carry the meaning I want to express. There is a balance…


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