Subject to Decay

In the beginning
There was a light
And in the end
There will be nothing

At times
We can grow so focused
On one or the other
That we forget
That the space between is where
We live and breathe
Where joy and beauty are found
Just the same as pain and misery
That we cannot ever know
How many years
Will pass
Before we too must do the same

I have often looked out
At the grass growing tall
At the weeds that forever encroach
And thought of all that lies beneath
Of the stories and lives that now reside
In dust and dirt
Buried now
But present still
In the stalks in leaves
In the very air we breathe
For nothing is ever truly lost or gained
We are all but matter
Subject to decay

29 thoughts on “Subject to Decay

  1. Beautiful poem my friend, yes it’s not the before or the after that matters but the now, matter is energy and energy is eternal so all that has ever been shall always be in some form or another. ❀️✌️


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      1. Your Welcome my friend and thank you for the lovely words. πŸŒΉπŸ˜€ I love reading your work it always makes me think, I don’t always get it right away other times it hits me as I’m reading it, I love poetry of all forms and styles, just keep doing that beautiful thing you do my friend. ❀️✌️

        BY FOR NOW


    1. This is such an appropriate comment… It is quite poetic in itself. Pearls come from a small, seemingly insignificant grain of sand that has worked it’s way inside of an oyster. The oyster coats it in nacre, made of nutrients from it’s food, to reduce the pain that the sand causes…


      1. Yes I can understand that! Sorry I haven’t been commenting as much. I’m somewhat obsessed with my new project and spend most of my free time on that! 😊 But I’m still here reading….

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