From Dusk, To Dawn

How we used to wait
For the light to filter through
To indicate
The day had arrived
And our lives could begin
Once more

How little thought we gave
To the passing of the stars
To the motions of the moon
To where it wandered
During the hours
When the sun was high

But now
How those minutes seem to matter more
With each passing hour
How we remain transfixed
On drawing from this well of time
As much as we can carry

There have been mornings where
Though I wake
My mind is captured still by dreams
Of another place and time
As if this current life
Is but a darkness before a coming dawn

As we grow and age
The world and all that is
Grows as well
The very air and fabric thereof
Spilling out beyond what we know
Beckoning us to do the same

Perhaps some day
We will finally see
Beyond these forms
With eyes unclouded by
Expectation and construct
To redefine and in doing so reaffirm

Perhaps some day
We will remember with fondness
The notions we hold with such seriousness now
And we will laugh and smile
As the sun and moon shine as one
As we wrap ourselves in stars

My friend
Do not concern yourself too deeply
With the troubles of this life
For you are so much more than what you seem
Love and life crudely contained
Waiting only for time to set you free

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